Roof sealing and insulation with VIP Shield

July 4, 2021

If you own or manage a building where there are A/C units, old satellite dishes, redundant pipes and services scattered over the roof, which needs to be insulated, you need to find the right product. This product should do the job perfectly and within the shortest period of time.

VIPShield is ideal for older buildings. VIPShield seals and insulated perfectly, dries in a matter of minutes, meaning that services can quickly returned to use and with effective planning there is limited to no inconvenience to tenants.

VIPShield from VIP Coatings is a full range of high-performance coatings used for roof applications. The combination of VIPShields outstanding insulation and high solar reflectivity will protect your property for decades against water, heat, cold and rising energy costs.

Roof sealing and insulation with VIP Shield
Roof sealing and insulation with VIP Shield

VIP is a roof sealing and insulation coating system for both commercial and residential roofs.
VIPShield is not just another product but rather it is a completely integrated system that provides:

– A totally seamless membrane – no joint or welds
– Can be applied to any thickness in one application
– Instant curing ensuring rapid return to use
– Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates
– Solvent and VOC free
– Remains flexible over a wide variety of temperatures

Whether old, new, steel or concrete, VIP Coatings has a solution to your roofing needs. Systems can include solar reflective, insulation foam, hybrid and pure polyurea products.

Recently finalised projects with VIPShield in Dubai, Dubai Police HQ, 4,000 sqm and a residential building, Nujoum Building in Deira 2,600 sqm.