Ryno Gildenhuys

May 6, 2022

VIP Dubai welcomes a new Technical Consultant

Over the years, VIP Coatings has established its reputation as a leading solutions provider of high-performance surface protection systems. Aside from producing high-quality products, our staff are also equipped to recommend a wide range of technical solutions based on the specific needs of our customers.

In order to provide quality advice or recommendation to our customers, we make sure that the individuals we choose have adequate knowledge about the industry and are willing to learn about the latest innovations through training, conferences, and product demonstrations.

As we continue to grow as a brand offering quality surface protection systems, we also need more experts who can help us cater to the needs of our customers by applying their knowledge and experience in providing them with the right solution. In line with this, VIP Dubai welcomes Mr. Ryno Gildenhuys as a new Technical consultant and team member who will help us achieve this goal.

Who is Ryno Gildenhuys?

The construction industry has played a big part in Ryno’s life as he grew up in a technically-minded household.

He started in the industry focusing on waterproofing applications, which soon expanded his knowledge to the floor and industrial coatings.

He was introduced to polyurea technology in 2010 and he was trained from being a machine operator to gunmen. This may have been the reason he was able to immediately embrace the passion he felt for coatings.

Ryno has been involved with Coatings throughout the Southern Hemisphere and other well-known sites. He also spent the last few years sharing his knowledge in the industry by stepping into the Technical Consulting trade for one of South Africa’s largest suppliers of construction chemical products. During his time there, he was introduced to the VIP Coatings range and has since believed that it is one of the best products the market has to offer.

Ryno Gildenhuys